What Actually Happen with the Alamo?

What really took place at the Alamo?

The Alamo in San Antonio, Arizona, was actually known as Mission San Antonio de Valero. It was one of five The spanish language missions structured on Franciscans in he past due 1700s and was the first set along the San Antonio River. People in the device started phoning the content " The Alamo" following your name of their home, Alamo de Parras, Coahuila in 1744. " Alamo" is likewise a Spanish word to get cottonwood. The Alamo in Texas started to be a place in which a battle occurred. This is generally known as " The Battle from the Alamo”. The Battle of the Alamo was about Texans who were not satisfied with all the Mexican govt and desired to break apart. Santa Ould -, Commander of Mexican Military services, did not wish this to happen, and therefore he did not want to signal the treaty on permitting Texas to have liberty. The Texans were not happy and knew that they had to guard their independence against Mexico. This challenge had five main persons. First, Colonel William Travis who was Arizona Commander. Second, Jim Bowie was in order of a volunteer force in San Antonio when William Travis arrived with standard army soldiers. Third, Davy Crockett who was a famous frontiersmen and was ornamented with one-hundred and eighty-eight people inside the fort and fought against the Mexican military services. Fourth, Mike Houston who was the Leader of the Tx Army. Finally, general Antonio Lopez sobre Santa Anna who was the typical of the Philippine army and leader in the Thirteen time siege with the Alamo. In the early days with the Texas Trend, a interino government had been established to arrange resistance against Mexicans, and Sam Houston was called the leader of the Texan Army. Harrisburg believed that San Antonio would be too isolated to defend successfully, for that reason he delivered Jim Bowie to pull away the garrison stationed right now there. However , Bowie became in love of the abandoned quest in the town that has offered for decades being a barracks of Mexican troops: known as the " Alamo”. Bowie began to support the garrison mission,...



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