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Jan. 16, 2013 Ministry of Transportation

The purpose of this correspondence is usually to better source input for the Cycling Technique Study being assembled by the MOT having a specific give attention to safety factors that influence older motorcyclists that put them more at risk on traditional bicycles than younger riders. I trip an escooter and have chosen this method of transportation based on lots of the observations defined in this notification. Who My spouse and i am Andy McKenna 46 Redwillow Doctor, Toronto, IN. M3A 2L1 Married, 32 years with 2 adult children I actually am 54.99 years old. I actually am a white training collar professional having a University Education. A homeowner in Toronto with many years of paying the taxation that built the system that I am now the need to fight to have access as well. My career history, performed my way through college or university, 4 years with Burroughs, 12 years with HP, 10 years running a business I co-founded and 10 years selling Computer Software. My Qualifications to provide Type for your survey Riding bikes certainly since I had been 4 Motocross Bikes (4 yrs) in 12 Streets Motorcycles at 16 (4 years) Professional Class Bike Roadracer (12 years), Roadracing at locations like Mosport with later world position of 40th in 1979 FIM Grand Prix 750 plan. Training aiming Roadracers and competing in the Canadian Nationals PRO five-hundred class in 1994 Driving a car Cars & Trucks (Largest being 20', 40 years. ) Started out riding 21 years old speed Mountain Bikes again in March 2012 quickly and then my initial escooter Stakeholders There are many of course , even the pedestrian and 2 wheeled groupings have historical, well financed organizations which have been actively lobbying to both equally promote their very own cause and it seems in an attempt to influence Governments at all amounts restrict the use of ebikes with it seems a peculiar specific concentrate on escooters. In the event that unopposed and successful, they

will decrease the legal array of escooters through adding layers of cost for operation in manners that will probably damage the eBike market enough to effectively ruin it in Canada. Given the Ontario Governments commitment to promote Green transportation alternatives, I am hoping that escooters get a reasonable unemotional examination based completely on the specifics. I also belong to the Toronto Electrical Riders Assoc. We are a fledgling group, with no federal government funding at the same time of a NFP incorporation with @ 800 members and associate associates. See Appendix 1 Personal Experience and Recommendations Ebikes have simply been around in volume for 5 years, yet the figures on the roads in Barcelone could dual by next year. You will find no levels or qualifications surrounding ebike expertise yet, people just like myself who have ride them every day and possess personal background that positions them to find traffic and safety issues from the other relevant viewpoints that have quality insight. Think about, ask their particular lobbyists just how many days that they commuted this winter on a ebike, or any motorcycle for that matter, My spouse and i ride a single almost every day. Ebike or EScooter This seems to be a significant bone of contention. The ebikes Mountain Bike /Open Frame setup is more offroad friendly and for operation above sunken sewers, potholes and broken tarmac (often present in bike lanes). The driving position works better for coated assist and with pedals they can easily exceed the 32 KM limit just like other standard bikes. I really do not ride one and so my type is limited to escooters. I do believe they are good and have range and rate advantages, and will go onto chartering and subways. With regard to elderly cyclists', that they share a lot of common weakness' that make all of them more of a concern for the older riders; they are very much harder to balance while riding slow they pressure the user to land at each quit the driving position makes it difficult to look over ones shoulder joint the riding position can make it difficult to adapt the showcases while in motion the rider is usually perched higher off the ground

EScooters I was pushed suddenly upon a 21 speed (by the MOT) at the age of 57 because of a " Medical” concern, I quickly...



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