Should Henrietta's Family Get Compensation

Danny Hurdubei

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14 The fall of 2012

Should Henrietta's Friends and family Receive Settlement

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Henrietta's skin cells have offered many great things to both the medical and science fields. Her cells have started many multi-billion dollars companies that specialize in providing her cellular material in great quantities. The Lacks family members have received very little recognition and compensation through the cells. A large number of people have asserted that no-one should be able to earnings off their particular cells or perhaps other body parts, because of the various legal, research, and ethical problems. And some argue that considering that the cells hailed from Henrietta, she should be able to make up from them.            While many experts have arranged that Henrietta's cells have been greatly helpful in many ways, not all agree that her family members should be paid for. The biggest reason may be the many legal problems this kind of brings. Loane Skene claims, " Consider the conceivable legal effects of recognising that people ‘own' their own parts of the body and tissue” (austlii. edu). Since there is no-one to " own” their cellular material, Henrietta and her family are not able to cash in on her skin cells.            Professionals also say that if individuals were able to make money from their cells there would be a large number of research and ethical challenges. If people owned their particular cells chances are they could not become commercialized which would sluggish and halt research. In respect to Loane Skene, " the concern that uncertainty regarding ownership will certainly fetter research, teaching as well as the pharmaceutical industry” (austlii. edu). There are also many ethical issues that come from persons owing their particular cell.

Many others argue that since Henrietta's cells have got contributed a whole lot, her relatives should receive some sort of compensation. Relating to Martyn Drakard, " Henrietta's cellular material have done and continue to do immense good”(icgalegroup. com). There are numerous multi-billion dollar corporations which exist only because of Henrietta and HeLa cellular material. While the Lacks family...

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