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Most Significant Events Final Project


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Jonathan Tietz

Nov 28, 2010

Most Significant Occasions of the 50`s, 60`s 70`s 80`s and 90`s

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. This was a war that involved the majority of the world's nations around the world and all of the world's greatest powers. When the war concluded the events that followed within the next five decades had a great effect on the American people. There are some events that had really an effect than others. This paper can discuss five major occasions over five decades that has had a powerful effect on the American people. Beginning in 1950 and ending in 1990, this kind of paper is going to discuss the most important events from each 10 years that both positively or negatively changed the American way of living.

The communist scare occurred in the 1950`s. McCarthyism, named after a man called Joseph McCarthy was a his party U. H. senator. In the 1950`s anticommunism created dread among the American people (McCarthyism, 2006). McCarthy played in Americans worries in an effort to better his political campaign. He instilled this dread by convicting anyone who was a part of the communism party or had anything to do with it. During court hearing People in the usa remained silent so that they wouldn`t be offender of the reds. He charged some of the United States federal government to be communist and soviet spies. McCarthy was unable to prove his promises and was therefore censored by the American government (McCarthyism, 2006). Us citizens lost all their jobs if they were offender of communism, library catalogs were burned up to hide proof of communist works. Americans endured greatly during this time period as they needed to walk about around on egg covers (McCarthyism, 2006). If People in america did not go along with anticommunism, these people were considered to be communism and had been punished for not supporting the American approach. People feared McCarthy, but it really ended when he made a public mockery of united states senate procedures (McCarthyism, 2006). This individual ended his career being known as careless and fraudulent man.

Americans desire peace took place in the 1960`s. The Vietnam War was well past due considering several events that took place after World War II. Just how did America get involved in the Vietnam Conflict? It all started with the Atlantic Charter. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Chapel hill created this rental in hopes of the better community. Russia and China were not part of this kind of charter and ultimately business lead the U. S. to believe that The ussr and Chinese suppliers were linked to colonialism. The reds increased in South East Asia, mainly in Korea, Vietnam, China, and Cuba. The U. S. took action and attacked and conflict came about with Korea. The U. S. gets involved in Southeast Asia`s governmental policies. North Korea invades Southern region Korea. Few things are accomplished and North Korea remains precisely the same and To the south Korea is still the same. Up coming the U. S. inhabits South Vietnam. The U. S. allows rebuild Southern region Vietnams economic system. The U. S. attempted to gain control of South Vietnams politics to prevent Vietnam turning communist. In 1965 North Vietnam attacked To the south Vietnam and American bases. North Vietnam lost the Vietnam Conflict because these were no match for the American soldiers. The battle had a dramatic effect on the American way of living. Americans rallied for serenity and dropped into the hippie era throughout the Vietnam Warfare. During this time sexual intercourse and drugs had been on the rise. New drugs were introduced to the American persons as the drug population grew. People began to have an overabundance sex during this period, which may have something to do with the increased drug use. The hippie era was a method of Americans conveying themselves showing how they sensed about the war. Various people had written songs that told reports of points that were taking place during that period. Mainly persons wanted the war to end. Americans wanted peace, and sex, medicines and music was their particular way of leaving from everything.

Detente took place in the 1970`s. Nixon`s visit to china in 1972 was an important step to...

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