Long Operating Hours

Working hours today are very long and folks are not spending as much time as they should with the family or on amusement activities.

What is their opinion with this?

Give causes of your answer and include any kind of relevant illustrations from your own know-how or knowledge.

Plan paragraphing

1 . I agree that long working hours include negative effects in family lifestyle and amusement 2 . Reasons behind work hard and exactly how it affects on our life

5. Firstly, the most recent trend to work hard in order to be successful * Secondly, the hope of living better

2. As a result, persons can miss important events of relatives life or perhaps leisure activities 3. Summarising

A few years ago, persons believed that they can, in the closest future, works less than they were doing and, as a result, there would have an opportunity to hang out with family or leisure actions. Unfortunately, even as we can see, their particular hopes haven’t come true. Additionally, at present, individuals have got work much more than they used to and, subsequently, they have not any time to be with their family or to dedicate it on leisure. The first level which I would like to make is that there is a tendency which motivates people to work hard. In my opinion, people have got take more time on operate because they are frightened to become needless or out of work. They believe that in order to be successful they have to are more as possible. Additionally , lengthy working several hours allow visitors to have better live, After all a quality or perhaps level of your life. In other words, working hard, people have a way to buy something they wished for, maybe imagined throughout all their life like a huge house in the seaside. Yet , there are down sides of spending a lot of time in work. People, working much more than 40 hours per week, frequently miss extremely important events of family live or have not any facility to shell out time about leisure. Because of this, they suffer from stress which, in turn, can result in illness. I can illustrate that from my...



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