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Christianity/Islam CC Article

Christianity and Islam were similar and various in the 11th century socially in the electrical power limits for women, how various wives a male was allowed, and religious heirarchy. Intellectual similarities and differences are books and religious affect. Economically, right after and commonalities are dessimination and the beginnings of the religions.

One of the interpersonal similarities in Christianity and Islam in the 11th hundred years is that women in the two religions got limited electricity. But where Islamic men were allowed up to several wives plus the religious heirarchy was basically nonexistent, Christian men practiced monogamy and there was a great order of spiritual leaders while using pope above. Having spiritual heirarchy means that lower people must reply to the popes and virtually any others they are really below in rank, but if there is no religious heirarchy, then the people with hope directly to Goodness.

The similarity between Christianity and Islam intellectually is the fact both have prevalent origins through Abraham. Variations were that Christianity would not start of lead a great empire in the 11th 100 years, but Islam started and led the Abbasid Caliphate. This means that the individuals of the empire were almost certainly made to be Islamic because the leader was originally Islamic.

Financially, Islam was spread by both conquest and ideas, but Christianity was propagate by trading. The likeness between the two religions is they both had holy ebooks saying nearly the same history. Christianity gets the Bible, although Islam has the Quran. Even though had o books which were very similar, they still disagreed on the history and who was the right religion.

The similarities and differences among Christianity and Islam inside the 11h 100 years were several and included the sociable similarity, that ladies were limited when it came to gaining social electricity, and dissimilarities, Islam allowed up to four wives and had no religious heirarchy with Christianity just allowing a single wife and had a...



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