Health-related Organization SWOT Analysis


Healthcare Corporation SWOT Examination

Tina Sampers

November 21 years old, 2014

CSU Global Grounds

HCM 560

Dr . David Milen

I currently be employed by a local residence care company, Angels Care Home Overall health. Currently, We am taking care of a project in which we are creating a new department that is responsible for the development and implementation from the electronic well being record (EHR). Due to the scale the organization as well as the number of customers, the development of the EHR can be described as daunting and time consuming task. For these reasons, the EHR job runs like a strategic organization unit (SBU). As an SBU, the project runs almost totally separate from the company drawing on three desired goals as its power: 1 . Build a unified and cohesive program that incorporates EHRs in all facets of the organization. 2 . Create a approach to EHRs which might be secure and compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and also other relevant laws. 3. Increase organizational performance and customer care through the use of EHRs.

The EHR is actually an electronic variation of the conventional paper history of an individual. The EHR is a great easily transferrable form of the sufferer chart and history (Borycki, Kushniruk, Keay, Nicoll, Anderson, & Anderson, 2009). The us government views EHRs as an efficient means for reducing healthcare cost and EHRs are considered mandatory for health care compliance (Ficery, 2011). HITECH Act (part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009), which dictates that ALL OF US hospitals must implement and demonstrate what is called " meaningful use” of electronic digital medical information (EMR)…roughly 50 % of US private hospitals are at risk of incurring fees and penalties when enforcement begins in 2015 (Ficery, 2011).

As the use of EHRs does guarantee lower cost and better gain access to, the problem that numerous institutions are having is that in order to be compliant, medical care organizations must overhaul their very own IT infrastructures (Ficery, 2011). Currently, 50 percent of US hospitals are at likelihood of incurring charges...

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