Kid Labour in Tobacco Farms: a Rapid Examination

International Time Organization Intercontinental Programme on the Elimination of kid Labour (IPEC)

Investigating the Worst Varieties of Child Work No . 17

Lebanon: Kid Labour about Tobacco Plantations: A Rapid Examination

By Discussion and Research Institute

May possibly 2002, Geneva

ISBN: 92-2-112973-X


Unsatisfactory forms of exploitation of children at your workplace exist and persist, but they are particularly hard to research because of their hidden, sometimes illegal or even criminal nature. Slavery, personal debt bondage, trafficking, sexual exploitation, the use of children in the drug trade and in armed turmoil, as well as hazardous work are defined as Worst Forms of Kid Labour. Marketing the Tradition (No. 182) concerning the Prohibition and quick action for the Reduction of the Most detrimental Forms of Child Labour, 1999, is a large priority to get the International Labour Organization (ILO). Suggestion (No. 190, Paragraph 5) accompanying the Convention states that " detailed info and record data on the nature and extent of child labour needs to be compiled and kept updated to serve as a basis for determining priorities intended for national action for the abolition of child labour, specifically for the prohibition and elimination of its worst forms, like a matter of desperation. ” Although there is a body system of knowledge, data, and records on child labour, you can also get still extensive gaps in understanding the variety of varieties and conditions in which children work. This is also true of the worst forms of kid labour, which will by their incredibly nature are usually hidden via public watch and scrutiny. Against this backdrop the ILO, through IPEC/SIMPOC (International Plan on the Removal of Child Labour/Statistical Information and Monitoring Program on Child Labour) features carried out 38 rapid checks of the most detrimental forms of child labour in 19 countries and a single border place. The investigations have been manufactured using a new rapid evaluation methodology about child time, elaborated with each other by the ILO and UNICEF1. The plan was funded by the United states of america Department of Labor. The investigations within the worst varieties of child time have discovered very sensitive areas which include illegal, criminal or wrong activities. The forms of kid labour and research spots were carefully chosen simply by IPEC personnel in consultation with IPEC partners. The rapid analysis investigations centered on the following categories of worst forms of child work: children in bondage; kid domestic personnel; child soldiers; child trafficking; drug trafficking; hazardous operate commercial agriculture, fishing, rubbish dumps, mining and the metropolitan environment; sex exploitation; and working streets children. To the partners and IPEC colleagues who offered, through all their individual and collective initiatives, to the realization of this survey I should love to express our gratitude. The obligation for thoughts expressed through this publication rests solely with all the authors and does not imply endorsement by the ILO. I am sure which the wealth of information contained in this group of reports on the situation of kids engaged in the worst forms of child labour around the world will contribute to a deeper understanding and allow us to even more clearly give attention to the problems that rest ahead. Above all, we hope the fact that studies can guide coverage makers, community leaders, and practitioners to tackle the situation on the ground.

Frans Röselaers Overseer International Program on the Reduction of Child Time (IPEC) International Labour Workplace Geneva, 2001


Examining Child Work: Guidelines pertaining to Rapid Assessment - An area Manual, January 2000, a draft to be finalized even more to field tests,

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