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п»їChapter 6 Activity 6-2 6-3

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Pick the one substitute that finest completes the statement or answers problem.

MULTIPLE DECISION. Choose the one particular alternative that best accomplishes the assertion or answers the question. 1) When sturdy sodium hydroxide is included in water, the answer gets popular. This is an example of a(n)1) _______ A) endergonic process.

B) exergonic procedure.

C) enzyme-catalyzed process.

D) release of activation energy.

E) change of kinetic energy to potential energy.

2) How come photosynthesis regarded as an endergonic reaction? 2) _______ A) Activation strength is not necessary.

B) Photosynthesis does not adhere to the physical laws from the universe. C) Sugar features less strength than the sun.

D) Protein catalysts are certainly not needed.

E) Low-energy reactants are converted to high-energy products.

3) Activation energy is important for all ________ reactions. 3) _______ A) exergonicB) endergonicC) coupledD) chemical substance

4) An ________ chemical reaction releases strength, whereas an ________ reaction requires a great input of energy. 4) _______

A) exergonic; endergonic

B) endergonic; exergonic

C) enzymatic; endergonic

D) endergonic; enzymatic

E) equilibrium; exergonic

5) A " high-energy" connection in an ATP molecule is located between5) _______ A) adenine and ribose. B) two phosphate groups.

C) ribose and the initial phosphate group. D) adenine and the first phosphate group.

6) Every time a muscle cell demands strength to perform the work of contraction, ATP6) _______ A) manufactures more ATP.

B) enters a metabolic path.

C) can be broken down.

D) is phosphorylated.

E) catalyzes the reaction.

7) The most common strength carrier molecule in living organisms is7) _______ A) ATP. B) ADP. C) DNA. D) glucose. E) NADPH.




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