APPH 1050 Syllabus SP14 A Sections

п»їAPPH 1050 The Science of Physical Activity and Health

Planting season 2015 Syllabus (AF1, AR1, AWT & AYO Sections)

Instructor: Teresa Snow, PhD E-Mail (preferred): teresa. [email protected] gatech. edu Graduate TAs: Matt Wittbrodt [email protected] edu

Chia Hsu (George) [email protected] edu

Dr . Snow's Main Business office: 555 fourteenth Street NW (intersection of Hemphill and 14th) Rm 1362 Phone Number (for emergencies): 404-894-0636

Business office for Student Appointments: Weber / SST Rm one hundred ten (note: directions posted on t-square) Office hours: By Scheduled appointment

APPH 1050 complies with on Mondays from being unfaithful: 15-10: forty five (Lecture) and Wednesdays coming from 9: 25-10: 35 (Activity) (Note: Activity meets later on and ends earlier to permit time for changing into workout attire—You ought to be in class and ready to work out promptly in order to avoid a tardy. Roll will be named at 9: 30! Should you arrive following roll continues to be called, you are tardy. It is the responsibility to evaluate in with the instructor at the conclusion of class should you come in past due to avoid becoming counted absent)

Required Text message: Get Fit, Stay Well! third edition, Hopson, Donatelle & Littrell. Pearson Education.

Program Objectives:

1 ) Students will develop an understanding from the definition of wellness, the components of health-related fitness and how different domains of private health align with each other.

2 . College students will be familiar with basic concepts of tendencies change as it relates to personal health behaviors.

three or more. Students can understand the marriage between stress management, diet, work out and weight management in attaining wellness.

four. Students is going to understand the pieces of health-related health and discover how to plan an extensive exercise program to formulate all components.

5. Learners will be able to identify select serious diseases, study appropriate procedure for help prevent their particular occurrence and...



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