Affiliation of Niesv to International Physiques


The profession of estate surveying and valuing is defined as the art, research and practice of identifying the value of all descriptions of property along with the various pursuits therein. The Nigerian Establishment of House Surveyors and Valuers, NIESV was founded in 1969 by the few skilled General Practice Chartered Surveyors who were trained mainly in the uk. Six years later, the Institution was granted recognized government recognition by the promulgation of the Property Surveyors and Valuers (Registration etc . ) Act commonly referred to as Decree No . twenty four of 75 now COVER III of Laws from the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1990). At this time legislation, the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Panel of Nigeria (ESVARBON) came to exist as the regulatory human body for the profession. The institution was incorporated upon June one particular, 1970 underneath the: Land (Perpetual Succession) Take action Cap. 98. The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, NIESV aims to represent the overall interests of the profession, keep a high regular of perform and practice and to increase the technical familiarity with its associates. The goal is to offer an increased tank of competent professional staff members that is well prepared to face the challenges of society, and to maintain satisfactory standard of professional practice, the organization strives to get a system of operations that is effective in service delivery and be able to inspire members to better corporate identity, to render aggressive, ethical, progressive and benefit oriented client services in sustainable basis and to enhance inter-professional romantic relationship, locally and internationally. The objectives includes,

(a)enhancement of cross border skills and knowledge exchange particularly among African countries, (b)fostering of cooperation to international institutions and enterprise who reveal similar aspirations and (c)a kick-start from the initiative intended for an Photography equipment Academy of Surveying and Land Economic system. Membership with the Institution is open to most Nigerians, and in certain cases to foreign people trained in authorized Institutions both in the country and abroad. There are six grades of Membership, namely Fellow, Associate, Graduate student, Probationer, Scholar, Honorary Many other and Corporate affiliate. Professional People, made up of Associates and Fellows, are all those who have undergone the prescribed teaching, passed the qualifying tests, obtained the required practical experience and taken the proper professional testing. Non-Professional People, comprising Graduates, Probationers and Students, will be persons in the act of taking the qualifying specialist tests and examination, tend to be attached to the Institution meanwhile for the furtherance of their professional education. Honorary Fellows are individuals who aren't engaged in the practice from the profession, yet by cause of their location, experience or perhaps eminence assist in promoting the objects with the Institution, had been admitted as a result as the Institution Corporate members correspond with corporate body duly accepted by the Company. The Organization is associated to the Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economic system (CASLE), Intercontinental Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Foreign Facility Managing Association (IFMA), the, Intercontinental Valuation Standards committee (IVSC), Royal Establishment of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Association of Specialist Bodies of Nigeria (APBN).

THE COMMONWEALTH ASSOCIATION OF SURVEYING AND LAND ECONOMIC CLIMATE, CASLE. CASLE was formed in 1969 as a federation of independent specialist societies representing surveying and land economic system in Commonwealth countries. That currently includes over forty societies in 32 countries; it has approved Associate Members and correspondents, some of to whom are in 19 various other countries. The professional societies represented cover the professions of surveying and mapping, land economy, and...

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