A Characterisation of the Environment in the Mother of the Kid in Question

A Characterisation of the setting in Lessing's short story; The Mother of the Kid in Question

" The mom of the kid in question” is a short story by Doris Lessing, where a social worker (Stephen) is going to visit a family within their apartment. " Stained greyish piles went up in the sky, and down below put grey quadrat where merely one person shifted among puddles, soft drink containers and components of damp paper”

In the text, the environment is described as an area of tower obstructs with concrete everywhere. In general, the area seems to be in a poor condition, with urine-smelling staircases. It may be a ghetto, which can be usually known for anyone tall concrete floor buildings, and numerous homes upon very little space.

" In front of Stephen, flat dividing the heavy building from the tarmac to low cloud, had been rows of many-coloured curtains exactly where people stored out view. ”

The quickest route to a broken friendship is most likely to step up and tell little Peter's mother and father that they can be doing a lousy and miserable job increasing their child. Within our honest, although insolent attempt to help them turn into better parents, we focus our interest in the incorrect direction, believing that whenever we just clear up them how to correct their particular mistakes they may definitely be aware. Nothing could be further from the facts.

The Mom of the Child in Question (1992) is a dramatically perceptive history, which deftly explores a sensitive and perennial theme: the overshielding by moms. It concentrates on a family with a foreign background a sociable worker. The social worker is to persuade the father and th



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